When the sea speaks to us

Cyril Burget and Laurence Nicola
From November 3 to December 2, 2023

For millions of years, the sea has been brimming with a past, a history that has often been buried. But with the perpetual movement of the ocean, certain dramas and realities resurface, and the sea speaks to us. This exhibition brings together two artists, Cyril Burget and Laurence Nicola, both of whom wanted to transcribe what appears on the threshold of the shore. They have both used the transfer technique, one on mica and the other on seaweed, using photography as a revelator in the first sense of the word.

Cyril Burget became interested in enforced disappearances, and more specifically in the « flights of death » under Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship, and decided to go to Chile to meet the families. The families agreed to give him photos of their deceased. By transferring them onto seaweed, the image of these faces is revealed, making visible those who are no longer visible.

For Laurence Nicola, it’s the subject of plastic that comes to the surface. The oceans are suffocating under pollution. So the artist collected plastic debris and placed it in a light box. The light reveals textures and images you’d never expect to see: the landscape takes shape. And, using transfers on mica, Laurence Nicola makes manifest the idea of a new form of nature where false pretence reigns.