Nathalie Tacheau

Nathalie Tacheau was born in 1964 in Villeneuve saint Georges (France). She lives and works in Paris. After a National Superior Diploma in Plastic Arts from the ENSBA in Paris and a license in plastic arts at the University of Paris 8, Nathalie Tacheau undertakes a specialization in « Art, educational psychology and therapeutic mediations » in master 2 at the University of Paris 5 René Descartes. She is a teaching artist at the Edouard Manet municipal school of fine arts in Gennevilliers to an amateur audience of adults, adolescents and children.

Her practice from installation to drawing, from the monumental to the intimate stages poetic scenarios characterized by an impression of cyclicity and incompleteness. It is through constant reflection on the relationship to the other and to their environment that meaning is revealed, in layers, to the viewer.

« Too often we are used to bringing back the strange to the familiar through a play of thought. I try to restore the familiar to the strange.  » René Magritte