Mathieu Delacroix

After his first collection Echos, dealing with the ambivalence between the everyday object and the sculptural object, Mathieu Delacroix signs his second collaboration with Ségolène Brossette gallery with a new series of objects entitled Pixels. With this second series, he continues to question the border between art and design, the status and uses of our everyday objects as well as the dialogue between his practice and the one of a visual artist.

The starting point of the Pixels project is a research on the grid and square motif. Drawing on the codes of the digital image, Mathieu Delacroix reinterprets this aesthetic in a personal way and transposes it materially through several objects. This grid thus norms his intuitive drawings; it unfolds in a mosaic of mirrors and takes shape through pieces of furniture.

This plastic research has led the designer to the subject of ambivalence. Whether through the prism of duplication, repetition or reflection, this is a collection that is in search of an identity and an anchor point. The pieces reason with each other just as they question their status together.

The function of the objects thus becomes ambiguous. This can be seen, for example, in the Pixels furniture, which is deliberately devoid of attribution: are they side tables, bedside tables or stools dedicated to the domestic space? Are they pedestals or sculptures in the service of a gallery?

This search for identity is also expressed through the theme of metamorphosis and otherness.

Through their nature, their arrangement and the interaction with the public, each Pixels piece transcends into a unique double and is then confronted with its own image.