Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto​

“Their work is like looking at the world in a ‘low voice’, or rather, with half-closed eyes to welcome rêveries, which are visited by the inexplicable, the unexpected, the ‘beyond’. They open windows and paths that transcend the limits of the visible and that gravitate in the orbit of the symbolic and the indefinable. The images of these two artists, in fact, do not only strike us because they stage a sort of ‘surreal theater of the absurd’, but because they descend into the obscure territories of Memory and open windows to the unknown that is inside and outside of ourselves. Gaston Bachelard written: « to grasp the reality of the world, is it necessary to dream what is seen”. So how do you show this other visible through photography, if not intertwining reality and fiction, inner and outer worlds together?”

Extract from the text “Image Dreamers” by Gigliola Foschi