Cabin in the shadow

from june 23 to july 22
Christophe Beauregard / Irène Jonas / Laure Pubert / Cédric Quissola

« There is for each of us a dream house, a house of dream-remembrance, lost in the shadow of a beyond of the true past. What a privilege there is in the reveries of the child. Happy the child who has possessed his solitudes. Thus, beyond all the positive values of protection, in the native house, dream values are established, the last value that remains when the house is no more. »
The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard

Gaston Bachelard, French philosopher (1884-1962), opens the doors to a space where our unconscious is found, where we draw the necessary strength to fight and that no one else can reach. This secret garden continues to exist even when the house has burned down, it is in us forever. This saving place, this cabin in the shadows, belongs to us and is nestled in our memory. It is enough to be able to remember, not to forget.

This exhibition brings together four artists who also allow us to open the doors to what has been engraved in us for so long, to what helps us to be what we are. They give us access to this memory that shapes and sculpts us.

Between sea, mountain, sun, uncultivated/forgotten landscapes, these works plunge us into a nostalgic memory, a collective intimacy, a fragile happiness that we would all have shared.