The world's skin

“Sylvie Bonnot is a wandering artist. Her work has led her from high-density high-energy Tokyo to the isolated, rugged areas of the Svalbard archipelago and the Australian desert. In recent years, she has been exploring space and its conquest, thanks to a collaborative partnership with the National Centre for Space Studies. However, she always comes back to the Burgundy landscapes and forests, where she currently lives. They are the “geographical meeting point” for those opposite locations.

Bonnot draws on a number of approaches, processes and photographing methods to match the range of her experiences and her outlook on the world. She is capable of both taking a strictly documentary view and encouraging experimentation, thus increasing the power of imagery, without ever calling into question the representative power of images. She singes negatives, scratches them at the development stage, creases them and peels them by removing a thin layer of silver bromide and then transposing the “sloughed skin” onto other media, such as fabric, a three-dimensional object or the very exhibition walls.”

Étienne Hatt