Bertrand Robert and the aesthetic “Parlêtre” Lacanien (Speakbeing)

The artist progressively unveils the relationship to the intimate, showing us what lies beneath the mask and the armoured shell created by social norms and expectations. However the discours is not about human psychology so to speak, rather it is a attempt at representing silences.

Thus the place of the “verb”, the “id”, and the “superego”, coexist in the realm of the artist’s work.

Bertrand Robert draws our emotional resonances. He creates a frail bridge by which the viewer can identify with and relate to his work. The artist interrogates our relationship with others, portrays our difficulties in communicating and in self-defining beyond our armoured shells and our layers of protection. These drawings are like visual haïkus, engraved with the failure to communicate. The composition of his works highlights two worlds, two universes unable to connect and in which the possibility of a symbolic projection of our conflictual relationships with the Other seems to be deployed.

Madeleine Filippi / curatrice / critique d’art / membre de l’aica