Christophe Beauregard

« Whether it is the one of a castaway, the one of a fallen homeless on the pavements or on the subway platforms, whether it is the one of a transformed face, performed by aesthetic surgery, the one of those who claim being part of a family or the one or those who play with costumes and gimmicks, the body is at the core of Christophe Beauregard’s work. Yes, that body is always scenographied, even dramatized, never captured neither with these « decisive moment » obsolete rules, nor with the emergency codes of photoreportage. »

Dominique Baqué, French art critic.

It is through his staged photographs that Christophe Beauregard brings a truly artistic dimension on the theme of identity.

« Portraiture, unknown people identities, has became since the 2000s my favorite theme. My photographies try to show how the body pays the price for that very contemporary obsession to give meaning to one’s existence. The body thus becomes the main object for surgery refinements (Chirurgie, 2005), natural inking (Pentimento, 2011), of suffering triggered by accidental desocialization (Semantic Tramps, 2008) and by the persistant digital presence in everyday life (Technomades, 2008). »

In particular Christophe Beauregard’s work has been exhibited at Centre Pompidou-Metz (2014), Frankfurt Schirn Kunsthalle (Germany, 2015), and at Centquatre-Paris (2017) beside outstanding artists such as Richard Avedon, Raymond Depardon, William Klein, Gerhard Richter, Cindy Sherman or Andy Warhol.