The last before 2021!

Acte I - From December 10 to 19, 2020
Acte II - From January 13 to February 27, 2021

Christophe Beauregard / Sylvie Bonnot / Fabien de Chavanes / Marielle Degioanni / Xavier Dumoulin / Michele Landel / Christine Mathieu / Laurence Nicola / Cédric Quissola / Bertrand Robert / Nathalie Tacheau / Tania & Lazlo

The opportunity to bring together all the artists of the gallery without giving them any theme. The only rule is less than 1000 €! Surprisingly, it turns out that a real dialogue takes place between the works and the different artistic universes.

Indeed, the Gallery aims to give photography and drawing the recognition they need in contemporary art, and represents mainly French artists. While both media are starting points, they may sometimes be part of a journey, as these artists’ works reverberate in painting, video, sculpture, installations or performance art.

In this exhibition, three main axes emerge:
– Psychological: on perseverance, memory, the unspoken, the quest for oneself and the quest for ideal
– The relationship with the living: the relationship with nature, death, the Earth
– The relationship to history: to time, to traditions and to women

Every artist has a perspective to share, either on our civilization or on the world around us, for they are visionaries, seers of the soul. Above all, they are of higher consciousness and through their art, succeed in sharing their vision with us.

Even though intense suffering, rage and boredom may bubble beneath the surface, they manage to extract the very essence of a balm whose delicate, nostalgic scent lingers, etched forever in memory.