Expolaroid Festival

Ségolène Brossette Galerie participates in the Festival with : Christophe Beauregard, in his studio, at the Bateau-Lavoir
Bateau-Lavoir 13, place Emile Goudeau 75018 Paris Intercom Beauregard
Open on Saturdays 2, 9 and 23 April from 2 to 6 pm

Since 2019, in parallel to my commissioned and portrait work, I have been photographing with a Polaroid SX70: portraits, landscapes, still lifes, all genres to be explored by the immediacy and uniqueness of the medium. In my studio at the Bateau-Lavoir during the first confinement of 2019, when I could no longer photograph human beings, I began to photograph flowers, and to study space, perspective, light and colour. These polaroids allowed me to deepen my pictorial research on colour, the figure and fiction. A few months later, this studio work naturally turned towards the outside when we were able to move around more freely. Inspired by literature, I simply imagined that I was in a theatre, and that I was discovering flowers and objects on the stage of an imaginary play. These same settings and landscapes incite us to dream of possible human stories, of Short Stories.