In the secret of the trees​

Nathalie Tacheau

Until June 26

From Wednesday to Saturday, from 2 to 7 pm 

When I work I don’t think about what I’m going to draw in advance. These are things that are going to be triggered from a whole collection of images that I have, that I display and that I associate. These images will at some point take shape and be written on the sheet. We could compare that, a little, to the work of the surrealists in the exquisite corpse. « 

Nathalie Tacheau

Nathalie is inspired by photos she collects and which do not necessarily belong to her, and have in the same time this familiar and disturbing side.


How not to think about « Das Unheimiche » by Freud translated into French as « The disturbing strangeness » by Marie Bonaparte in 1933 or more recently « L’étrange familier » by François Roustang.


In Nathalie’s works, I see the ghosts of our own history who regularly come to haunt us. What has been repressed but which returns uninvited. A psychic ghost created from a secret, something unspoken, and never named. A secret carried in the tomb which is whispered to the children who remain alive.


In Nathalie’s drawings, the same character returns with the same form, in different universes. We find him in a forest, on a branch. We hear birdsong and a deer roar. We try to follow him as in a dream. A dream that is repeated every night of which only scraps remain: a strong feeling, but the scenario remains unclear.