Vertical Time

Xavier Dumoulin

Thierry Bigaignon

Opening 10 November 2015, from 5pm to 9pm – Exhibition until 15 November 2015 • Hôtel Particulier Montmartre – 23, avenue Junot - 75018 Paris

Temps vertical (Vertical Time) is an exhibition brought to you under the Parcours Dix-Huit. It brings together two artists: Thierry Bigaignon and Xavier Dumoulin.

Through their photographs, time is suspended in a quest for the world’s vestiges, and the remains of what surrounds us, builds us, and ultimately destroys us.


Thierry Bigaignon uses light in order to only suggest what is essential. In Xavier Dumoulin’s work, the time of (radio) waves is slowed to allow us to follow in the steps of Man.

The title of the exhibition is a hommage to Régis Durand who wrote in Le temps de l’image (the time of the image): “We have passed from a longitudinale form to a vertical form, from a chronological time to a memory time.”