Parcours dix-huit

La photographie, un art contemporain

Opening 10 November 2015, from 6pm to 9pm – Exhibition until 15 November 2015

Ségolène Brossette, talented gallery owner of the 18th arrondissement, decided to launch the Parcours Dix-Huit around the medium of photography during the cultural rendez-vous “Paris Photo”. She is supported by Chloé Pham Van Hoa and Lison Matha who run the coordination and participation of the public and private partners. The idea of this Parcours is to bring together both public and private cultural location: galleries, art centres, associations, and to create a bond between the various neighbourhoods and cultural participants who constitute the 18th arrondissement. The subject is: photography, a contemporary art.

Based on an astute premise, Ségolène Brossette observed a partitioning intending to detach photography from the general field of contemporary art, as proven by the offers from salons and auction houses. Parcours Dix-Huit 2015, on the other hand puts photography at the heart of art history and strives to restore it to its noble standing. Similarly, the neighbourhood of the Goutte d’Or used to be “partitioned off”, yet it essentially forms an indivisible whole with all the other villages which make up the 18th arrondissement.