Fantastic Natural​

Laurence Nicola

From July 10 to September 25
The Gallery will be closed in August

Have you ever looked for something that is right in front of you but that you cannot see?Laurence Nicola has this gift of spotting what is right in front of our eyes but which will seem unknown to us. Indeed, Laurence walks and it is during her wanderings in the middle of nature that she will recover the raw material for her work, both natural and artificial: plastic, polystyrene, hedgehog picks, bones, …

Antoine Lavoisier, father of modern chemistry said « Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed ».
Laurence applies this precept by starting from these elements to create a new universe, a landscape unique to Laurence that is both dreamlike and pictorial, whether in the form of an installation, video, drawing or photography.

Even if in some of his works, the body seems to disappear, the support becomes skin, membrane. While the latter can evoke suffering and memory, Laurence also uses it to reveal to us the beauty of a world that only she sees.
With Laurence, being becomes one with nature and no longer seeks to dominate it. It becomes both a tiny and essential component of a formula that Laurence transcribes in her polymorphic compositions. What if this formula could be magic?
Before proceeding with this quest, Laurence Nicola will start from her own body which she will also confront with the force of nature. A step forward, a step back, the curve of a branch ready to stretch, in equilibrium, we are suspended in time. The fall seems inevitable but Laurence offers us a moment of evanescent beauty which, we know, will not last.