In a moment of silence

Tania Brassesco

& Lazlo Passi Norberto

Opening 8 March 2018, from 6pm to 9pm – Exhibition until 12 May 2018

In a moment of silence” is a an aside, the instant that artists Tania and Lazlo fix in time through their series Behind the Visible and Essence of Decadence. They are scenes of life, from different eras, which transcribe the more or less conscious state of being of an entire generation. Tania and Lazlo tells us a story with multiple levels of interpretation.

Here is the story of a woman on a quest for inspiration, who feels cut off in her way of living which does not necessarily suit her. She seeks to free herself through art and nature: music and literature. In a search for her subconscious, she confronts her demons, her past, but always keeps herself turned towards the future. This past is like a murmur passed down from mother to daughter, an almost inaudible murmur, close to silence.


Art history repeats itself. New modes and new axes of thought are put in place and the artist is confronted with himself, needing to surpass and transcend himself, to outpace the world surrounding him. Tania and Lazlo draw a parallel between the industrial and technological revolutions, the latter we are now experiencing, through artistic references which date back over a century and the sentiment of a common spleen.

Through staged photography, like movie directors, Tania and Lazlo transcribe in a single and unique image all the time which has lapsed, foreshadowed in a silence evoked in the space of an instant.