Facing me, my image

from october 21 to november 19 2022

Christophe Beauregard/ Mathieu Delacroix

This exhibition brings together two artists: Christophe Beauregard, photographer, and Mathieu Delacroix, designer, who have both produced works that echo each other’s work.

In this reciprocity, Christophe Beauregard stages Mathieu Delacroix’s design in his photographic compositions and, through the play of mirrors, light and colour, Mathieu Delacroix in turn uses the photographer’s tools.


Christophe Beauregard presents his latest series based on a person: Vianney Desplantes. He is non-binary. He is not only a man, nor a woman. He is double and at the same time unique.

Through the portrait, the photographer’s favourite subject, he will try to represent this ambivalence, this search for identity and a clear point, in this perpetual movement. Thus, Vianney Desplantes also becomes the author of a performance.


Like the works of Christophe Beauregard and Mathieu Delacroix, he finds himself confronted with his own image. Like Narcissus, who fell in love with his reflection in the water. Like Ovid, Christophe Beauregard also transforms Vianney Desplantes into a flower through his lens, in the same way that he photographs his models. Indeed, Christophe Beauregard is very much inspired by paintings and composes his photographs with a particular attention to colour, light, perspective and relief, largely through the use of coloured gelatins.