Divagations amoureuses
Curator: Madeleine Filippi

Odonchimeg Davaadorj (Backslash Gallery)
Marielle Degioanni (Galerie Da-End)
Julien Serve (Galerie Analix Forever)
Bertrand Robert (Segolene Brossette Galerie)

Exhibition until July 11, 2020
From Thursday to Saturday, from 2 to 7pm

The exhibition Divagations amoureuses, inspired by the book by Roland Barthes Fragments of a discourse in love is a reflection on the paradigm of loneliness in love. This text, which aims to give voice to the lover, succeeds in the feat of touching the universal, because it speaks of lived experience, of human lived experience. We all recognize each other here in love. It echoes this individual who, to use the author, « speaks in himself, lovingly, in front of the other » in front of the loved one, who does not express himself as a sign that the discourse in love is ultimately always extremely lonely. The lover is waiting, anxious, jealous, declares, doubts … Just as many states, which the artists of the exhibition, like the author, cross and which they seize. Far from a simple formal adaptation of Roland Barthes’s text, the group exhibition Divagations amoureuses intends to question the paradigm of loneliness in this intimate discourse. The bias of collective exposure is not trivial, it evokes through the plurality of speeches an « echo », symbolizing this nagging madness intrinsic to love. This created abyme, a rhythm, unless it is a clue? A red thread that the spectator plunged into this labyrinth of thought can grasp ? Indeed, there is something here that summons a memory experience with the serial repetition of certain artists. They manage to emphasize in the inner discourse of the lover, this madness in which he immerses us.

Thus the works seem to both arise and respond to each other, creating at the same time the sensation of being immersed in the heart of the psyche of a lover, faced with all of his conscious and unconscious manifestations which can reason in him as one already seen. Thus, the viewer will be disturbed by the sensory aspect of the works of Odonchimeg Davaadorj or Marielle Degioanni which invite touch. Then, he will discover the series Hallucinose amoureuse by Julien Serve which evokes a Platonic vision of the lover. Of this double, androgynous being, with his ink drawings, of these bodies that intertwine … of the other amputated of his half … As for Bertrand Robert, it is clearly the psychoanalytic approach of the text of Roland Barthes who inspired him. The presence of the verb in his drawings evokes this haunting internal discourse. The title of the exhibition refers to a loss of control … a sweet madness that we keep wanting to give in to. The Love Wanderings exhibition is thought of as an ode to the necessary and inevitable love and letting go. It’s so intimate, so timeless and at the same time so multiple, because love is multiple. The « I » of the narrator – here the artist – of the lover, is multiple. It could be you, them, you, him or her. In this sense, the exhibition is not a simple « fragment » of a love speech but a rambling, in which we hope that the Other – the loved one comes to deliver us.

Madeleine Filippi