Wolf are you there ?

from May 20 to July 9 2022

Christophe Beauregard / Fabien de Chavanes /Bertrand Robert /
Nathalie Tacheau /Tania & Lazlo

Wolf are you there ? is an exhibition inspired by the famous tale of Little Red Riding Hood, which has had many versions, the two most famous being those of Charles Perrault and the Grimm brothers. It is the meeting between a child and this wolf who pretends to be her grandmother.
Game of seduction – Deception – Betrayal – Lying
Wouldn’t it be more fun in the end to play with the wolf than with Mother-Grandma? The temptation of the forbidden.
All this is played out under the veneer of childhood and carelessness. But like all tales, its vocation is to resolve a violent psychic conflict through strong symbols.
« Let us walk in the woods while the wolf is away
If the wolf was there
He would eat us. »
But the wolf always appears in the end. He is rarely hairy, with large pasta. He can, for example, take the form of abusive power and designate a collective such as a state, a government, a system, an organisation that tends to destroy us.
It can also take the form of a man and/or a woman. Most often a person close to us, a person to whom we have given everything, revealed everything voluntarily or involuntarily. No matter how much we escape and leave the forest, the trauma remains buried and accompanies us. It is then that the Wolf reappears again and again and the process of repetition is set in motion.
It can come from another time, from a distant past, like a ghost. He wanders in our lives and in our minds and wakes us up at night.
Here, five artists will interpret the subject in their own way.
In Christophe Beauregard’s work, a scene unfolds and the tension becomes palpable: a woman with beautiful red curls photographs cocktails, also red, in perfect carefreeness. At the same time, a masked man lurking in the shadows stands next to her. Who is he?
In his series Devils in Desguise, he depicts two children in the forest, dressed as superheroes who seem ready to fight. Armed with super powers, they become invincible. They are caught up in the game.
In Fabien de Chavanes’ work, the little girl becomes a naked man in the forest, a man in reconnection with nature. A moment of peace between man and his environment. A moment of calm after the storm. But isn’t it too late?
This man in the abyss raises the question of truth and falsehood, of deceptive appearances.
In Nathalie Tacheau’s work, the Wolf is omnipresent but seems to come from the past. Like a buried secret that would leave its traces forever.
In Tania and Lazlo’s work, the Red Riding Hood is a woman who has managed to tame her wolves and is about to face the world, to cross the forest.
And in Bertrand Robert the Wolf refers to the medical profession, the government and the media, who have made the date of 8 June 2021 the date of the turning point in Marilène de Craene’s life. After her injection for COVID 19, her life became a nightmare and she was left with severe physical handicaps.
This Wolf represents an identity that tends to make us suffer.
Deceptive appearances – False pretenses – Manipulation – Power
Power of man over woman
Power of industry over childhood
Power of man over nature
Power of the secret over our unconscious
Power of government over our health