Guardian of the world

Christophe Beauregard

Sylvie Bonnot

Xavier Dumoulin

Christine Mathieu

Laurence Nicola

Opening 4 july 2018, from 6pm to 10pm – Exhibition until 31 august 2018

While the world is in full contradiction between the earth’s basic needs and economic evolution, the man begins to lose his primary survival instinct. By always creating new tools, the man ends up forgetting the principal and the most fundamental elements, which define us.

He does not just forget, he denies what he is by claiming eternity. If we think we are eternal, everything would lose its value. The impact that some men can have today on the world is precisely because of their feeling of imminent end. The man thinks he is the master of nature while he is only the guardian. That’s why, the man has a responsibility: he must preserve this garden for future generations.

In Christophe Beauregard and Christine Mathieu’s artwork, there is at first sight the appearance of beauty, the innocence behind a flower or a child but when we approach, we discover the essence of the man, the expression of a feeling of what conditions us, a feeling of imprisonment, of inevitability but also a desire to break the chains and to get out of it.


Xavier Dumoulin and Laurence Nicola will testify about ecological movements, between sea and mountains: the evolution of more or less natural boundaries.

Then, Sylvie Bonnot, through a very elaborate technique that she calls « mue », transcribes the shiver: the one of the photographic image, the one of the transposed landscape.