Ségolène Brossette

Ségolène Brossette Galerie 
54, rue des Trois-Frères, 75018 Paris
+33 (0)6 19 80 71 74

Thursdays to Saturdays, from  2.30pm to 7.30pm

Following a Masters degree in cultural engineering, Ségolène Brossette has developed her knowledge of the international art scene through work in art galleries, the organisation of biennials such as cutlog and the FIAC, the production of cultural events like the Ateliers de Rennes, and contemporary art fairs.

The artist no longer seeks to represent reality, searching rather to surpass and transcend it, to create it. Each with an idiosyncratic language, a unique penmanship, a singular voice, tells us a different story, expresses a different feeling, a testament to the world in which each is immersed.

Since Lacan, questions have been asked about the possibility of reality. It was agreed upon that language alone could not suffice. We concede that photography has a sharp aptitude for interrogating vision and the visible, and thus to question the laws of perspectival representation. Yet this ability is principally due to its particular relationship with “impossible-realities ».

Hence, different photographic languages have emerged and developed, and continue to grow today.