Ségolène Brossette

15 rue Guénégaud – 75006 Paris
+33 (0)9 87 03 00 65

From Tuesday to Friday from 2.30 to 7.30 pm
and Saturday from noon to 7 pm
From January 6 to February 29, by appointment

In 2003, fresh out of a Bachelor’s programme from the prestigious IESA Arts and Culture School in Paris, Ségolène Brossette seized the opportunity to showcase her passion and flair for curating exhibitions by organising a solo show in a bookstore owned by a Sotheby’s expert in old books – in photography. It was this passion and her instinctive feel for photography that sparked off her career. Ségolène’s discerning eye, which was drawn to this medium from the very beginning, gradually turned its attention to drawing, and continues to be honed along the way in her interactions with experts and specialists.
Despite the success of her personal initiatives, Ségolène added a feather to her cap with a Master’s degree in cultural mediation and engineering.
As for her knowledge of the international arts scene, Ségolène broadened it through her collaboration with art galleries, and by producing arts events such as Les Ateliers de Rennes – Contemporary Art Biennale and contemporary art fairs such as Cutlog and the FIAC.
While Ségolène leaves nothing to chance in attaining her goals, she readily allows serendipitous encounters to lead her in new directions. Every two years without fail, life offers Ségolène the opportunity to start anew in her preferred fields.
In 2013, working together with Anne-Cécile Guitard, Ségolène Brossette launched BG Now, a platform for mobile exhibitions on photography and drawing. 


In 2015, while scouting for a coworking space, Ségolène Brossette came across La Manufacture on rue Myrha in Paris’ 18th arrondissement. There, she met manager Chloé Pham Van Hoa, with whom she set up Parcours Dix-Huit, an association of about ten public and private cultural institutions within the 18th arrondissement. Strategically created in the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood, this initiative intends to create ties across the various sectors of an arrondissement better known for being « culturally interesting » than « culturally interested ».
During her involvement in Parcours Dix-Huit, Ségolène Brossette met Eva Léandre, who in 2017 offered to share her gallery at 54 rue des Trois-Frères, near Montmartre. In between the gallery and her other responsibilities, Ségolène continued to produce events at the Parcours until spring 2018 and organise outdoor exhibitions, influenced as usual by the chance encounters that give art its best outlet for expression.
Now, the gallery is 15 rue Guénégaud, in Paris’ 6th arrondissement. A place to call her own, the fruit of a privileged relationship that she has forged with the artists whose work she champions, a relationship based on the confidence built through a mutual desire to work together over a long term. Ségolène is committed to pursuing her plan of « giving photography and drawing the recognition they need in contemporary art. They tend to be seen as two separate media, even though they form part of a whole. » It should come as no surprise that this gallery owner, who wears many hats, has chosen to put down roots in the diverse neighbourhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where design, modern art, contemporary art and primitive arts cross paths.

© Beauregard